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Pay what you think is fair. Simple as that.

​Other companies bury their fee. We ask you to set it.

Trust goes both ways

​Our pricing is based on trust and reciprocity. You’re trusting us with your money, so we’re trusting you to pay what you think we’re worth. The price you choose is the the only fee you’ll ever see. We don’t see your data, and we don’t charge secret fees.

​Our mission is to be a relentless ally for your financial well-being. We strive to act in the best interest of each of our customers. We help you save invest automatically, optimize your 401(k), and budget with our team of human experts for a fee that you think is fair. Even if that’s $0.

We commit to donating 10% of earnings to charity

Our number one priority is to help you improve your financial well-being. We want to help you get ahead while helping others along the way. We believe you can both do well for yourself and do good for the world. That's why we commit to giving 10% of your tips to GiveDirectly.

Frequently asked questions

What does Haven charge?

You set our fee to what you think is fair. No selling data. No sneaky fees. The fee you pick is the fee you pay.

Can I pay nothing?

Yes, but for Haven to continue as a champion for financial well-being, we hope that you won't.

How does Haven use what I pay?

​We donate 10 cents of every dollar to GiveDirectly to send directly to people living in extreme poverty. The remainder goes to run Haven: for our employees, servers, and everything else that keeps us going.

How do I pay Haven?

You choose the price you pay for each product you open with Haven. If you want to make changes, you can do so on the settings page. Your payment comes from your linked bank account on a monthly basis. You can change the price you pay up until midnight UTC on the last day of the month.

Is there a difference in fees based on the size of my account?

No! Everyone should have access to smart financial tools, and we're happy to help. It doesn't matter if you are just getting started or if you already have millions in the bank. Choose a fair price—that's what you pay.

Why should I pay anything?

Our pricing model relies on trust and reciprocity. We're confident in the value we bring to you. Haven acts in the best interest of each of our members and always will.

Some companies claim to be free, but use sneaky business practices to make money off of you. They sell your private info or charge you in ways you can't see. We hope that by being transparent, we'll build a better financial system together.

How does Haven make money?

Haven only makes money on the amount you choose to pay us. We don't sell your private data, and we don't charge surprise fees. We believe transparent pricing is the future of banking.

Where can I see billing?

Haven bills your account at the end of each month. You can see completed payments in your transaction list. If you want to change your fee, you can do so from your settings page any time before the end of the month.

What charity does my money go to?

Haven donates 10% to GiveDirectly. Their mission is to send money to people living in extreme poverty. Since our goal is to help people make more from their money, it felt appropriate to help those in desperate need.

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